About Emds Italy

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Emds Italy is a brand of Unica.com, a cosmetics company founded by Dr. Alessandro Gornati, in 2008. The Company is the natural result of the multi-year experience of Dr.Gornati in the field of wellness and beauty, gained during his previous job in the family company – a producer of professional cosmetics for the aesthetic sector and SPAs.

Dr.Gornati increased his knowledge in this sector by a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Marketing and a Diploma in Naturopathy at the Riza’s Institute of Milan. This full competence made it possible for Unica.com to be now involved in the design and implementation of wellness centres.

In 2011, thanks to his constant training and passion for alternative and holistic therapies, Dr.Gornati published the book “For a healthy and perfect skin”, edited by Etàdell’Acquario.

Emds Filosofy

The formulation philosophy of Emds is oriented to the natural character of the product, by considering as well some fundamental characteristics, such as the sensitivity, the pleasing perfume, the gratifying skinfill perception, the product safety against polluting infective agents, and the high level efficacy of employed functional ingredients.

Since Nineties, our products have been realised by avoiding mineral oils. By contrast, we introduced sebum-similar vegetable oils and we graduate the pH of our products according to the physiological needs of our skin.

Emds products are ortodermic because they maintain the orthodoxy of the cutaneous physiology, and particularly of the cutaneous acid pH. In addition to these characteristics, emds cosmetics can be also defined as “vegan”, because of the absence of ingredients coming from animals’ exploitation and slaughtering. They are also eubiotic, for their positive effect on the human skin ecosystem, and cosmeceutical, for the use of the highest level ingredients.

The packaging of our products is realised by airless or in pipe dispenser cans, in order to avoid any contact with polluting substances, such as air or consumers’ fingers.

Our Company’s Mission

“Emds Italy” intends to realise a professional cosmetic line with sustainabilityfeatures. That’s why we define emds as a bio, sustainable line of products.

The absence of external packaging over-structure – in cardboard or plastic film – reflects the need of materials and energy wastefulness reduction. It also contributes to the safeguard of trees, which are generally used for paper production.

Furthermore, the limited references which are composing the line make it possible to use the product in a multifunctional way; our cleansing line, in fact, is composed only by cleansing milk, toning lotion and scrub, suitable for every kind of skin.

Our research in the sustainability field led us to conclude an agreement for thesupply of electricity which is produced only by renewable sources, in order to reduce the employment of coal and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

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